The Qumran Mystery

The Qumran Mystery
Par:Eliette Abécassis
Publié le 1999 par

A man robbed and brutally murdered: not such a rare event in late 1990s Jerusalem. But this victim was crucified. And suspected of having stolen an undiscovered Dead Sea Scroll that may touch on another crucifixion, nearly two millennia ago...For Ary Cohen and his palaeographer father, David, it is the start of a terrifying quest to find the Scroll. Their search will lead them to New York, England, Paris - and deep into the Judaean desert where an obscure Essene sect once made their home between the inhospitable Dead Sea and the forbidding cliffs of Qumran. And wherever they go, death follows. An extraordinary blend of contemporary adventure and Biblical learning that took France by storm, The Qumran Mystery is a compelling multi-layered thriller. It engrosses you in both Ary and David's plight, and equally in the central question of Jesus's existence and death. Its solution is so persuasively plotted, so daringly original, that it will continue to haunt you long after the last page has been turned.

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The Qumran Mystery

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